Whext is a culmination of friendship, experience and skills. We are all cinema fanatics, in fact we are a group of friends who have in common the passion for movies and TV series. But with the increasing number of contents and providers available we noted we were spending too much time searching across individual channels to find some suggested content. We are pretty sure that many others are wasting just as much time as us. So we thought that if we could integrate integrate data from the various channels and develop an algorithm to analyze user preferences and interactions with the content, then perhaps we could create a fast and easy way to find appealing content and get on with watching it rather than searching. That is when we actually started to work on Whext, strengthening our relationship and fast becoming a strong and committed team. With Whext, our objective is to help you stop wasting time when looking for the next show to watch. Thanks to our A.I. recommendation engine, Whext will discover your preferences and provide you with suggestions about what to watch next with just a single tap. We aim to become the biggest and most trustworthy source of entertainment advices and ratings.


In September 2018, Whext is live with the Website to tell the world what the project is about to give the possibility to pre-register.

Alpha Web App

In September 2019, a private version of the Whext Web App is released for internal testing.

Beta Web App

In November 2019, a beta version of the Whext Web App is released and made available to the public.

New Providers

In late 2019, new streaming providers APIs are connected to Whext and new features are made available to provide users with the best experience.

V1 Launch

In late 2019, a complete version is released with: several providers available, payment and advertising system tuned.


At Whext, we are committed to continuously improving the user experience of our applications. For this reason, we will continue to invest in it. In 2020, Whext can be found in the major apps stores.

Want to know more about Whext?
Contact us at info@whext.co

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