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Whext is a platform for cinema lovers that provides tailor-made suggestions through its A.I. recommendation engine. Our algorithm takes into account the streaming providers you use and combines your reviews, tastes and social media information to suggest what movie or TV series to watch next and on which platform it is available.

Stop wasting time in looking for something new to watch!

How To Use It

The more you rate,

the more the algorithm is accurate,

the more you get from Whext!


Tailor-made experience

Whext recommendation engine studies your preferences and history, and matches them with our movies and TV series database.


Whext A.I. takes into account all the streaming provider you have in order to deliver the most effective suggestion.

Detailed user profile

Using Whext, you will explore your most loved genres, actors and directors while keeping track of them.

Updated database

Releases and information on Movies, TV Series and streaming platforms are always up-to-date.


Whext is available on Desktop and Mobile (progressive web-app).

With Whext your endless search for something to watch is about to end!

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